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Discover Your Inner Consultant: A Guide for Discovering What Consulting Business You Could Start

You’ve started thinking about becoming a consultant. Maybe you’ve mulled over a few ideas or maybe you’re stumped. But how do you choose a consulting business? How do you make sense of all the opportunities out there and find one that works for you?

You’ve probably heard about the hundreds of thousands of people who run businesses from their homes. Or perhaps you’ve read the profile of a successful independent consultant in your local newspaper and wondered how you could start your own consulting business. You’ve thought about the advantages of working from home, setting your own hours, being your own boss and having all the other perks that come with being self-employed. And you’re really excited about the prospect of starting your own consulting business.

Becoming a successful consultant takes more than just hard work and determination. It takes passion! When you start a consulting business that revolves around your passions, you’ll be happier, more enthusiastic and more successful. But how do you figure out what you’d love? What if you aren’t even sure what you’d like?

Here’s what you get in Discover Your Inner Consultant…

Discover Your Inner Consultant helps you carry out a personal inventory, so you can discover consulting business opportunities. This 77-page workbook helps you take stock of your:

  • Interests
  • Personality
  • Dreams
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Work experience
  • Training and education
  • Volunteer history
  • Life experience
  • Inspiration
  • Trends in the world of work

Work through the stress and overwhelm

Picking the right consulting business may seem overwhelming. But, after working through the questions in this 77-page PDF, you’ll have the knowledge to help you determine what consulting businesses may be right for you.

Want a better understanding of what consulting businesses you could start? Order Discover Your Inner Consultant and identify your unique skills and knowledge.

But wait – there’s more

When you order Discover Your Inner Consultant, you’ll also receive bonus products designed to help you relaunch as an expert. You’ll get:

  •  50 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Expert Status – an amazing look at what you can do right now to start building your expert status
  • Managing Your Online Reputation – a report jam-packed with tips and links to resources
  • Getting Started With Managing Your Online Reputation – an audiocast that introduces you to clearing the way to building your expert status online
  • Six Secrets for Managing Your Online Reputation – an audiocast with my best secrets for looking after your online reputation


When you open Discover Your Inner Consultant, you’ll get help right now:

  • Take stock of your personal interests

  • Identify your personality

  • Review your dreams and goals

  • Determine skills you’ve gained from work, education and life

  • Outline your values

  • Find inspiration for consulting business ideas

  • And generate ideas if you’re stumped

Build the foundation that helps you figure out where to go from here…

Unlike other books, this isn’t just a list of jobs you could start. It’s a tool for discovering what kind of consulting services you could provide. With this guide to discovering your inner consultant, you’ll be able to figure out where your unique talents and opportunities lie.

Order Discover Your Inner Consultant. For just $29, you’ll have more than 75 pages of questions and exercises designed to help you identify your unique skills, interests, talents. AND you’ll also get 50 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Expert Status, Managing Your Online Reputation report and the audiocasts on Getting Started with Your Online Reputation and Six Secrets for Managing Your Online Reputation. Click the order link below now.


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System Requirements: You will need a browser and Acrobat Reader

And that’s it. No pushy hard sell. No baloney.

No tricks to get you to buy something else. Just a hands-on guide full of exercises to help you realize your potential.


Warm regards,


Andréa Coutu