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Consultant Course: want to become a consultant?

Ready to learn how to become a consultant? Making the leap to independent consulting can be a life changing experience. But figuring out all the steps to launching a consulting business can be a bit daunting. I can tell — I get emails from people all the time, asking me for help in getting their businesses off the ground. Well, I’ve taken everything I tell my coaching clients and wrapped it up in a consultant course – for just $195.

Get answers to your questions…

Would I make a good consultant? What’s this business all about
and how do I get started?
 How do I navigate this
industry and market?
How do I manage money and
finance my business?
 What legal, regulatory and business
management issues do I face?
How do I build a
strong business?
     . . .
 How do I promote my business
and get work from clients?
How do I cross the finish line to
get this business started?
 …and more

Become a Consultant: How to Make the Leap

Finally — an online consultant course designed to help you through the process of
starting and running an independent consulting business.

By taking this course, you’ll be prepared to:

  • Describe the consulting business, including what consultants do, what people
    become consultants, who hires them and why, and what the main consulting markets are
  • Assess your consulting and entrepreneurship potential and generate ideas for a consulting business
  • Evaluate options for starting a consulting business, including ways to transition,
    options for business structures and factors to consider in choosing a business structure
  • Analyze your market, including profiling and understanding target customers,
    mapping your services to those customers, identifying competitors, weighing your
    business against the competition’s, analyzing industry trends and choosing a niche
  • Determine your financing needs, including considering whether you need credit and qualifying for credit
  • Explore business management considerations, such as understanding rules and
    regulations in your region/profession, understanding insurance options and
    hiring professional services for your business (accounting, lawyer, etc)
  • Promote your business and find clients by discovering what to include in a
    marketing plan, planning your own marketing and learning how to find work
  • Strengthen your sales skills, in areas such as finding prospects, generating leads,
    qualifying leads, finding a fit, making a proposal and asking for the sale and closing the deal

You’ll work through problems and ideas using 25 exercises that reinforce the course content.
And you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your ideas, progress and challenges in our
private discussion forums and learning community.

Become a Consultant Course

Jam-packed with extra goodies…

As part of this course, you’ll also receive a copy of my Consulting Fees: A Guide for
Independent Consultants
— a $39 value.

You’ll also receive Discover Your Inner Consultant — a workbook designed to
help you discover consulting business opportunities that would suit your
personal background and interests. That’s a $29 value.

And, just for signing up, you’ll get 50 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Expert Status — free.

++ BONUS: After you’ve completed the course, email me your personal marketing plan
within 90 days of your purchase date. I’ll email you a written review, so that you can fine
tune your plan and get out there and start building your business. This is a special offer I’m
making, since I normally have a minimum charge for any project. With this offer, I’ll review your plan,
writing an assessment and sharing tips for moving forward.

Learn how you want

By taking the course, you’ll have an opportunity to learn how you want.

  • Listen to three (3) hours of audio on your computer or iPod.
  • Read the guide in PDF or print it out.
  • Work through exercises to reinforce concepts and create your own plans and analyses.
  • Interact with other students and your instructor in our online community.
  • Share your marketing plan with me and receive personalized feedback.
  • Receive ongoing information through your one-year subscription to the private
    "Insider’s Edge" newsletter, made available only to people who take this course.

Feel confident with a course stuffed with valuable content

When you sign up for this $195 course, you’ll receive:

  • A total of three (3) hours of audio:
    • 2.5 hours of 11 audio lessons — listen from your computer or your iPod
    • bonus lessons, as described below
  • Become a Consultant: a guide to becoming a consultant, including setting up
    your business, planning your marketing and getting work
  • Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants (a $39 value)
  • Discover Your Inner Consultant workbook (a $29 value)
  • 50 tips for Jumpstarting your Expert Status
  • "Managing Your Online Reputation" – a report jam-packed with tips and resources,
    plus two audio lessons on "Getting Started with Managing Your Online Reputation" and
    "Six Secrets for Managing Your Online Reputation"
  • "The Three Things You MUST Do Before You Move to Solution-based Fees"
  • "Overcoming Objections" – this two-part audiocast reveals my secrets for
    overcoming objections during the sales cycle
  • Membership in our private discussion forums, where you can browse past questions,
    ask new ones and tap into the support of other consultants, including Andréa Coutu
  • Personalized review of your marketing plan for your consulting business
    (feedback delivered via email and one reply, if necessary)
  • A one-year subscription to my quarterly "Insider’s Edge Newsletter"

Become a Consultant Course

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Still not convinced about the Become a Consultant: How to Make the Leap?
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US$195 for the course now.

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Andréa Coutu