Consulting Fees Guide

Consulting Fees Guide™

Charge a great hourly rate while doing what you love

Consulting Fees

Finally…an all-in-one answer to how consultants set their fees

And here’s how you can use the same proven models for consulting fees to

  • calculate your rate
  • maximize your earning potential
  • create a professional invoice
  • get paid faster
  • build trust with clients and influence how they see you
  • navigate sticky situations, like requests to cut fees

and more.

Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants™

Learn a system for setting consulting fees and maximize your earning potential

Thinking of consulting? Want to earn more from your clients? Discover how to set your consulting fees and get more money from every contract. Influence the way existing and potential clients view you and your consulting business by analyzing your market and using your fees as a marketing tool. Calculate your rate using consulting fee models. Navigate sticky situations – like requests to cut your fees, negotiate your quotes or work for free. Andréa Coutu’s Consulting Fees Guide helps consultants calculate consulting fees that they can ask for with confidence.

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Figuring out how to set your consulting fees can seem like a daunting task. But after reading this updated and expanded 212-page PDF, you’ll have the tools to work out a strategy for your pricing and calculate your fees accordingly. Find out what prospective clients really want when they ask you to do spec work, meet over lunch or work on commission. Discover how to make more money and get paid faster without raising your fees. And now, in our all-new section on Solution-based Fees, find out how to work through the blocks to asking for fees that reflect the value of the solutions you offer. 

Would you like to understand your unique position and set your consulting fees for maximum gain? Order Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants and charge a great hourly rate.

“I recently became a consultant and suspected I was too cheap and needed information to improve my knowledge on consulting fees.”

[This guide showed me]:

  • Numerous ways to approach the cost of my offering
  • Ways to define a fairly good idea of the kinds of fees I can charge for
  • Simple ways to handle the ‘money’ side of consulting
  • How to avoid being ripped off by unsavory people
  • Fully satisfied and would recommend it to anyone new to the business…”

    -Mark Cook

    You’ll get a 212-page ebook that covers:

    • Analyzing your consultancy’s unique market position
    • Profiling your client
    • Evaluating your industry, competition and environment
    • The most practical models for calculating your fees
    • Navigating sticky situations, like when clients ask you to work on spec
    • Wheeling and dealing your way through fee negotiation – when it makes sense
    • Avoiding price wars by steering clear of lowest bid situations, clients who plead poverty, and objections to price
    • Making more money without raising your fees
    • Getting paid on time and in full
    • Working through emotional and business blocks to asking for Solution-based Fees.

    With this guide to setting consulting fees, you’ll have the tools to work out a strategy for your pricing and calculate your fees accordingly.

    + Bonus Section: a directory of online consulting associations! Consulting associations often collect information on the fees their members charge.

    Order Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants. For just $39, you’ll have more than 200 pages of information on setting, negotiating and getting consulting fees. Click the order link below now.

    [PDF and .mobi delivered instantly via email] You can read the ebook using a PDF Viewer like Adobe Acrobat or use your ereader to open the .mobi file.


    If you prefer a print version of the book, you can order from Amazon here or from Barnes & Noble. But if you order the ebook through one of the links below, you’ll also get bonus content not available to those who buy elsewhere.


    “From starting as a consultant to maximizing your fees for an established consultancy, this guide gives brilliant insight into:

    • Determining your value and the going market rate
    • Various options to setting and negotiating fees
    • How to maximize net profit for your business
    • Numerous tips on what to avoid from her ten years of experience in consulting
    • Tips to finding those high paying (cash cow) clients that can catapult your business
    • References for industry-specific associations

    This guide is well worth the price and I often refer back to it to fine-tune my approach to setting and maximizing my consulting fees. I am completely satisfied and would recommend Andrea’s guide to other consultants”.

    – Tony Rose
    President, Support Analytics

    Bonus products included

    When you order Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants, you’ll also get bonus products designed to help you position your consulting firm for success. With every order, I’m including:

    – The Three Things You MUST Do Before You Move to Solution-based Fees – three of my best tips explained in an audiocast that you can listen to on your computer, iPod or other mobile device

    – Overcoming Objections – my two-part audiocast reveals my secrets for overcoming objections during the sales process

    – Consulting invoice template – a customizable template for invoices in Excel, Word and RTF formats, complete with instructions.

     All that and Consulting Fees. Yours now for $39.

    System Requirements: You will need a browser, Acrobat Reader and, for audio files, an MP3 player.

    (Remember, those bonus items are only available when you order here – feel free to order the print edition through Amazon or Barnes & Noble or other stores, but you won’t get the bonus content. However, you will have a fabulous copy in paper if you buy there.)

    As a seasoned employment attorney, I was seeking an opportunity to expand my practice and expertise in the realm of consulting. Andrea’s guide was (and is) an invaluable resource in diversifying my practice. I highly recommend her guide to any professional interested in taking a different direction with his/her career. Her advice on setting up a new practice/strengthening an existing consulting practice, pricing considerations, identification of “good” clients, and marketing appropriately is concise, clear and simply outstanding.

    – Alicia J. Haff, President
    Haff Consulting Services, LLC

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    Okay…let’s get started…

    $39 for the guide.

    You get Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants — all 200+ pages! Plus my audio gifts – The Three Things You MUST Do Before You Move to Solution-based Fees and Overcoming Objections.

    After your order, you’ll instantly receive the guide.

    Warm regards,

    Consulting Fees - Andrea Coutu signature

    Andréa Coutu

    PS: If you contact me before the end of this month, I’ll include a copy of 50 Ways to Jumpstart Your Expert Status. Just place your order and then send me an email to let me know you want the free report.

    About Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants™

    Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants™ helps consultants with setting their rates. Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants™ and Consulting Fees Guide™ are trademarks of Andrea Coutu and Consultant Journal.

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