Become a fitness consultant

Become a fitness consultant — want to make your career in the fitness world? Become a fitness consultant and apply your skills to research, developing, planning and implementing programs and policies for fitness, recreation and sports.

As a fitness consultant, you can work for government, industry, fitness facilities, retirement homes, community centers, sports firms or even private individuals. You may serve general communities, youth, adults, seniors or even pregnant women and new moms. (See my past post on becoming a prenatal and postnatal fitness consultant.)

Some fitness consultants work directly with people to help them practice exercises and develop routines. Others take on more of a management and planning role. This is an exciting consulting career path with a lot of opportunities. And while many fitness consultants work full-time, it’s also a great side job for people who want to moonlight outside regular hours.

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Robert Power says:

Own and operate personal training business 17 years looking for part time consultation work

Terry says:

My name is Terry and I’m a grade 10 student at Center Dufferin District High School in Shelburne, Ontario. For careers class, I recieved a project in which students had to find a job that intrested them and then interview someone already in that feild. Although I know very little about what it takes to be a fitness consaultant (or anyother jobs invovling nutrition/fitness); I am interested in learning more.
If anyone is willing to participate in an interview and help me to figure out weather this would be a career for me, please email me at

Richard says:

I’ve been working in fitness for years. There has to be a better way to retain members. I really like the advice I’ve read from Thomas Kulp at