Five reasons to back up your hard drive

I usually post a top five list on Fridays. Well, I’ve been very busy with a hard drive crash that took place last weekend. My poor Acer laptop finally kicked it. The hard drive died. And it took a little piece of me with it!

Well, it’s not so bad. I back up my hard drive on a fairly regular basis. And I was able to pull my Outlook file off the hard drive before it died.

I’ve lost data before. It’s awful. It’s not a life trauma, but it isn’t exactly fun either.

Five reasons to back up your hard drive

  1. Losing data may disrupt your work.
  2. Trying to crack a dead hard drive can be expensive or time consuming.
  3. Losing access to your calendar and email may make you look bad in front of clients.
  4. Stressing over everything is not productive.
  5. Shopping for a new system takes enough time — trying to make up for all the work you lost would be even worse.

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