Make money with sewing | Money making hobby

Make money with sewing — as I said in  my post, Money Making Hobby, many people make money doing what they love. My doctor tells me that her friend makes money with sewing. She’s a sewing consultant, if you will.

A sewing consultant? You bet! She runs seminars at community centers, where she educates other people in the art of sewing. She also runs a tailor service, where she not only sews clothes to order, but also appraises the needs, budgets and desires of her clients. She works at her sewing business full-time, earning enough to live in the 15th most expensive city in the world – Vancouver, Canada.

But is someone making money with sewing really a consultant? It depends on how you look at it. If she just took orders from others, perhaps she’d simply be a tailor. But this particular person created a system for making money. She developed information products (sewing lessons) and found a way to deliver them over and over. And she works with her clients to meet their needs. That’s not really all that different from any other kind of consultant.

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