Telephone pole for sale – new & used poles

Telephone poles for sale? Someone emailed today to ask where they could buy a used telephone pole. I’m not sure what would make them think this site has a phone pole on sale. However, I thought the idea was curious enough that I actually looked around and discovered that a telephone pole can be yours for the low, low price of $291. It may even be new — I didn’t ask.

Now, I’m not sure what you could do with a used telephone pole. Maybe the wood is worth more than the pole, so it’s something you can salvage and process. I imagine you could start a little business reclaiming, repurposing and reselling utility poles and other salvage that are worth more when processed than when in original form. Anyone else got an idea? I’m used to seeing "work from home scam" ads on telephone poles, but perhaps you could turn a telephone pole into work from home!

Update (2012):

Telephone poles can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of these include using recycled utility poles for:

  • construction of garages, workshops and homes
  • fences
  • mulch
  • landscaping material
  • bridge tresses
  • fuel
  • decking
  • composite materials

Check out articles on the life cycle of a pole or wood preservation.

Below, you’ll find our comments section has become a hot place to put buy and sell listings.

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Ellie says:

Hello –
I am looking for two 12′-14′ round timbers of 5-6″ diameter. A telephone pole could work – we can just cut it in half. Does anyone know where I can find something like this near Omaha, NE?

Rey says:

Wanted Telephone poles. 956 536 2143

Rey says:

Building a fence for livestock At the moment need 30 telephone poles at least 9 ft. long Will need more dater. Will appreciate your help and waiting for a reply and fair price with availiablity in South Texas.

big azz white boy says:

im looking for 25 to 30 free telaphone poles. 10-20 foot poles asap im in galveston co. i will come git from 50 mile radeus of galvestion my name is shawn and my number is 409 443 4541

roy gaglio says:

I have apx.40 or so poles that i will give to someone for free.You have to pick them up in palm springs roy 909 2086661

Emily says:

Looking for a WOODEN telephone pole of any length. Preferably 8′ or more. Need to buy from Long Island.

email me if you are selling or know where to get one

Joe Blough says:

I’m half thinking of using a telephone pole for a TV antenna tower.

Trouble is, I’d like to get one that’s 60 or 70 ft long. How do I transport something like that to my back yard in the city?

Whitey Jooste says:

Looking for 200mm to 300mm diameter 8-12m long wooden poles new or secondhand.
If it is in Northren cape Kimberley area it will be fine but no prob any will do will collect
Approximit 120 of them

bryan bowdle says:

I build fences out of utility poles. They make beautiful rustic fencing. Call for quotes.918-277-1382

Marc says:

Will be working in Southeast Washington, Northwest Oregon, Northern California (Chico/Truckee area), Southern California (Mojave Desert) and tearing down hundreds of telephone poles we are responsible for recycling/liquidating. Looking for a buyer in any of these areas. Prefer to sell in bulk and can deliver (rates may vary). Feel free to email and we can talk more about it.

lynda says:


Priscilla says:

They make great retaining walls.

luke says:

It is not a good thing to use concrete with a pole, unless it is more than 6″ below ground level. it allows watter to set at the base of your pole and will rot it at twice the rate. I am an electrical line man for AEP and work with thim every day, I also own a small contracting company who will sell and install them for any practical use. If you dont know what you are doing you will over do your job too. average expectation for a pole is no less than 5′ in the ground or 10% of the over all length of the pole plus two feet. also the type of treatment that is used on the pole makes a HUGE difference on what it sould be used for. There are many and are designated on the pole’s brand or tag. some are salt treat (green), gas treat (white or dry), penta treat (brown), creasote treat (black), ect. and they are used for different areas and climates and some are not good for contact application with humans and livestock. please be careful when you buy them and know what you are getting before you do. we are located in Oklahoma and would love to help anyone who needs.

Benjamin says:

They are very good and rustic for fences, bridges and landscaping ideas

johnny says:


Daniel Ivey says:

Fascinating! We began purchasing whole animals from the local farm last year, and it’s working out really well for us. We found a great website with lots of great dishes like this meat recipe to keep us going.

victor says:

Have about 400 used poles several diameters from 8′ to 30′ long at Calexico, California close to to Mexicali, Mexico border. email me at $1.50 to $2.00 LF at site depending condition

jeremy alt says:

I have many poles of various lengths up to 20 ft 12 in dia. Southern indiana area.8128963665

John McMaster says:

I am after two used power poles myself. I plan to cut them in half and use the four posts to make a Bali hut. I want the chunky look. If anyone has some for sale I would like a contact number please.

Manish says:

I’m using it for posts for deck around my log cabin. I bought 8′ long poles and burried then 40″ in ground, backfilled with 2 bags of concrete and then with dirt.

My deck is only 5′ from the ground. Does anyone think it is a bad idea to use the utility poles for deck post?

Eric says:

Looking for 2 – 4 telephone poles in the Colorado area.

Keith says:

I constructed a fence made out of old phone poles. It took a year, by replacing one fence section at a time. They are 6′ above ground and 8′ in the ground with a concreate base. As you can imagine this fence is rock solid. Not very cost effective, but I had purchased some property years ago that had 240 of them. I tried to sell them with no luck, so I did the fence. The only drawback is I have people stop by about once a month or so and ask me where they can get a fence like it.

ssk says:

Used power poles for sale 4796015590 various diameters and lenths call for details

mr hussein mohd saleh says:

dear sir ,
i have my client as requesting for the poles for the purpose of the telephone poles in syria as i mentioned in the earlier message please the message is mentioned below have the read and let me know if you will be able to provide so that i will send the attachment for the specs try to confirm if the eucalyptus poles they will able to handle the situation mentioned in the message please have the read below:

I was talking with my boss on phone concerning our mutual business.
He told me two years ago our government bought from south of Africa the same kind pine of poles, and It was very bad and could not faced our weather ( we have very cold in winter, goes up – 20 sometimes) .
He asked me to check again with you. To pay your attention that the weather in Syria is different from Africa or Egypt ( Saudi Arabia..) we are close sometime from Europe weather ( and also we have hot time and goes up 50 ) .
I am sorry to ask you again , but we want to be sure that we can compete and our offer could be accepted.

Thank you again .


please have the look for the above if it can i will send the attchment for the specification of the product soon,
thanks in advance
Mr husein mohd saleh

michael a gracia says:

if you are still interested in looking for new/used telephone poles, go to they sell new and used poles, i am going to use these poles for my outdoor paintball field, so if you are ever in ny, give me a shoutout…. says:

What can you do with a telephone pole? Stick two in the ground and run a zip line between them! We have customers all the time who use telephone poles when trees aren’t available.

chris jones says:

i have some telephone pole to sell. I live in Michigan. I was also wondering how much to sell them for

Duluth, MN says:

I live in Duluth, MN. I’d love to buy a used telephone pole. I’d cut in in half and use it for runners for a bridge across a stream by our hunting cabin.

ervin says:

im looking for 100 8″ by 24′ poles im located in northern arizona

Art says:

Ha! A year and a half later and here I am…you guessed it…looking for a telephone pole (used or new). They’re hard to find! So if you have one, or know where I can find one (40′ wood please) do let me know. For obvious economic reasons this must be somewhere in north-central Alberta. Hey, I thought I’d ask.

Mark says:

The question about what telephone poles could be used for is not that hard to imagine. I know of several horse farms in my area that buy from power companies their used and busted poles and cut them into 8 feet lengths. Then they bury the poles in 2 to 3 feet deep and attach 2″ x 6″ lumber between the poles for fence. Once painted they look very nice and last a long time.

Poles needed says:

Looking for wood poles (8) in the southern alberta area.

Does anyone have any for purchase?

Anonymous says:

Came acroos your comments looking for used telephonre poles on ebay.
I turn them into works of art – see link


Andrea says:

Thanks for your email, Art. I have a feeling that the buy & sell market for poles mostly deals with huge orders. It would be too expensive to ship them, otherwise!

Renee says:

Most people use the telephone poles to build “Pole Barns”. Sheds and such! Very common for us Southerners. These poles are most useful, and last for years, as well they are exstremely durable. There are some local phone companies that will acutally sell you these poles “when they replace poles” There is a lot of good use for them, you can build from short to tall POLE BARNES. I’m presently awaiting a response from my local phone company, I need 1 post to make 3 posts out of for my rabbit barn!