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Following my write up on Ufile, the income tax preparation software, a reader wrote in to say this:

You might want to tell your clients that Ufile, which I have just tried to use without success, has virtually no technical support. If you want telephone support you have to pay $15 more. Otherwise, you send emails. I have been waiting six days for a response. I finally called their head office and got a supervisor who said "it’s tax time, we are very busy";. I still haven’t had a response after 3 separate emails. You get what you pay for. Quicktax at least provides technical support.

Yikes! Six days is a long time during tax season.

krapivnik says:

The 2011 edition didn’t add my T4A slip, resulting in re-assessment coming in the mail right before Christmas season. I owe $400 plus interest thanks to this bug. Will not purchase again.

C. Reb says:

I’ve used UFile for many years. I’m not sure if should have checked previous years more closely, but this year for the first time, the software will not allow child care expenses to be claimed federally for either myself or my wife. UFile support is not quick to answer questions.

Ryan R says:

I have been using ufile for the last three years, I can log into my 2009 nut not 2010 and 2011. No response from ufile and no way to take all my previous years and carry overs to this year.

I wish I had looked into the company more. My bad.

Andrea Coutu says:

Just a reminder folks that you’re on the Consultant Journal site and that the opinions expressed in these comments are those of the authors and not mine. :)

E Dickson says:

Right! I’ve had exactly the same problem. I also sent emails but have not no reply. I’ve used UFile for about the past 5 years without running into this problem. I have no idea what’s going on. And, based on other comments on this webpage, it looks as though UFile has nobody monitoring problems. So, at this stage, my only choice is to start all over with another system . . .

E Dickson says:

I’ve used UFile with no trouble for the past 5 years. This year, however, there is a serious glitch. Capital gains, although entered in the usual way, do not show up on Line 127 in the “Results”. I’ve sent two emails — one about 20 days ago — and have so far heard not a single peep from UFile. I guess I’ll have to go back to filing hard copy returns and warn friends and family to stay away from UFile!

ke wu says:

There is problem happenrd in the ufile 2011. The”encoutered on improper argument” has been poped up in the Revenu Quebec Questions. I have to send the messages to the ufile. Nobody response

M Gloster says:

I am trying UFile online using a Mac. I have a net capital gain on stocks entered on the the profit and loss page but it doesn’t show as income on the summary page. Has anyone else had this problem and how did they fix it? I have emailed help but have had no reply.

RG says:

I have been using Ufile online for many years now since Netfiling was available without any problems. Even on the current computer. This year I cannot download the tax file in Windows 7. I emailed for support, which took 3 days for a response, and it was just a copy and paste from a manual. Obvious stuff like checking any warnings.

I click the link to download, get the save bar at the bottom of the browser. Click save, it opens a window to a file directry, click save on that window and nothing happens. The lower bar is then frozen.

Ufile was prepaid to take advantage of savings, but if they cannot give me any help I will be trying new software next year.

Andre Kayinde says:


I am really having a bad time using Ufile software.
|when trying to send electronically mt tax return, it cannot update it.
I get the message ” Unable to get update.

What’s wrong with this software?
Could someone advice me.

I checked the support, no telephone number is listed.

I am so depressed.


Anne says:

Ufile 2012 doubled my T4A’s amount. I didn’t notice the error until I received my Notice of Assessment from CRA, my RRSP limit for 2012 is 0 !!! It’s impossible.

I checked my Ufile record, The Box#034 Pension Adjustment amount I inputed is correct, but when the Ufile post it to Line #206, it doubled the amount. That’s why my 2012 RRSP contribution limit is negative.

I even don’t know how to fix it as what I did is correct. I’ve been using UFile for 5 years with no problems. Since there is no Ufile customer support phone # to call, So, I called CRA for help. The CRA rep. verified my record and realized this is a mistake, then he sent a request for reassessment of my IT. He told me that I don’t need to do anything, just wait for the reassessment in 4 weeks.

Just want to share my experience with you.

Barb Baker says:

my computer crashed and had to be overhauled, so I lost my 2010 ufile I have the disk but not the access code, I have been a client of yours for many years and have purchased this years tax disk, but a
family member did not file last year so i wanted to do both of his taxes today. can you please help
Thanks Barb Baker

stabby says:

I too have had a glitch with the RRSP contribution amount, re. CAT’s comment. No matter what amount I try to put in or lack there of, it reverts back to the potential RRSP contribution. I’ve deleted the program and the file and started anew with the same error. No help email response as well as 2 phone messages.

elcid says:

This software sucks big time. I bought it in order to save a few bucks compare to Quicktax and guess what? I got what I paid for.. no support and a software that doesnt work.

Netfile will not work. It created a *.TAX file which cannot be read by the Canada revenue agency. I tried emailing support and guess what? Yes, you guess right, no SUPPORT at all. Their web site has no telephone number either!

Yes, I have done all the troubleshooting under the sun.
1.re-created the TAX file

2.Re-installed the APP in a different PC, re-created the TAX file, re-submit, the same error again!

3. Clear cache, tried different web browse sessions

4. Tried different internet connections!

- This software doesnt work, period.

Alexandra Wiltshire says:

I am having an issue regarding my 2010 tax return.
I had inputted everything, and was recently contacted by the CRA. I need to access my information that was inputted for 2010, but I have misplaced my password. When I went to go and log-in, I was forced to reset my password, which in turn created a new profile. How am I supposed to access my information from 2010?
The man that emailed me back, from the only form of support, stated the exact same thing that is listed on the website.
If I am unable to remember the password, and I don’t want to create a new profile, how am I supposed to get the information back?????

Can someone please let me know, as the CRA is already charging me interest on money that I “owe” them.

Frank D says:

I used U file for the past 5 years and have no issues. I purchase the software for my window’s base computer . I have a Mac now and have to do my taxes online, cause you cant buy software for a Mac. Well, I been trying to login to file my return for the past 5 weeks, I cant get access to my account, which I paid for! sent emails with no replies. I just wonder if there are willing to pay my late fees cause i cant file… sign, pissed off

Greta says:

Am using UFile 2010 but feeling very frustrated!

I entered property taxes paid, but it is not calculating my Ontario Tax Credit.

I CANT EVEN FIND THE ON479 to check what going on!!!!!

Sure wish I’d bought Quick Tax as in prior years!

sdfc says:





Mustafa says:

I just email Joanne (VP Marketing) Let’s hope she responds and FIXES the issue ASAP.

I am filing as a family head with both my parents as my dependent as I claim my mother as an Eligible dependent on line 305 and claim a caregiving amount for my father (who is over 65 yrs of age). The issue I believe arose because I did get married in 2010 which I informed U-file interview and haven’t claimed my wife on my taxes as a spouse reason being she is not a resident of Canada yet and neither does she have a SIN #.

The issue I am having is that although my return is A-OK my Dad’s return seems right too but for some reason my mom’s return is claiming an amount for Spousal deduction in line 303 and so does my dad’s and as per CRA rules only ONE of the spouses can claim the deduction. Although there is no income impact but its a bug which needs to get fixed ASAP so I am able to file my returns in time.

J Begum says:

Two more problems with UFile, for those who care:

In order to get the updates that are not on the CD, you have to register. Don’t see why — surely it should be up to me whether I want to register with the vendor or not?

For entering capital gains, the programs wants me to enter the date when I sold the stock, for no good reason (the CRA form doesn’t require that). The program refuses to process my return without it.