10-minute strategy for making money

This year, I’ve tried to maximize my earnings while minimizing the time involved. This is because of injuries from a car accident and the time crunch involved in raising a young family. I’m happy to say that I’m getting more bang from my time than ever before.

Since the New Year, I’ve been focusing on a new strategy for making more money. I set a timer for 10 minutes and do nothing but revenue-generating tasks for that time. I’m not sure where I first hear the idea — probably The Four Hour Workweek. But, wow, has it been effective.

I stop and do nothing but earn money during those 10 minutes. No answering email. No surfing the web. No checking phone messages. No taking phone calls. All I do for 10 minutes is work at things that pay.

The result? I’ve reduced my non-billable hours. And I’m whipping through projects like never before. Since I usually work by the project when I set my fees, I’m making more money…while working fewer hours overall.

Wow. Try it. It only takes 10 minutes. Just do stuff that results in revenues for 10 minutes.