Adventure tourism meets doggy daycare

Adventure tourism meets doggy daycare

Adventure tourism meets dog walking and doggy daycare — while surfing today, I stumbled across a job posting for Paws in the Woods. According to their (now defunct) website, “Paws in the Woods Adventures takes you ripping up mountains, splashing in water, and roaring through forests all on our action-packed fun-filled adventures.” The catch? The “you” they mean is a dog. Say what? “You will get to socialize and play with other four-legged friends in a natural, safe environment.”

Wondering why I’m covering this on Consultant Journal? I don’t know the company or the owners. But I do recognize niche marketing. And Paws in the Woods has combined adventure tourism, doggy daycare and dog walking to come up with a new service offering.

Could your business do the same? Here are some ideas from consultants I know:

  • Communications specialist with a background in geography and government services applied her skills to offer disaster management consulting
  • A pianist with a marketing background sequed into freelance writing for music magazines
  • A human resources executive who raised a daughter on her own moved into career coaching for women in their 30s
  • A gerontologist who helped her own parents in their golden years used her experience as a platform for launching an eldercare consulting service.

The key with niche marketing is to combine your services with a particular problem or market. Once you start brainstorming ideas, the possibilities are endless. Stuck for ideas? Discover Your Inner Consultant.