All you need is love

Valeria Maltoni at has a great post on how love affects your work projects — and how the Beatles works were labours of love. Valeria writes:

In the same way a musician finds satisfaction in the composition of sounds, a chef thrills in his guests polishing off the results of hours of planning and an athlete in achieving the superb balance of release and control of the body, so does each and every one of us when we express meaning through work.  

Whether you’re looking for consulting to be a side job or a career, choosing work you love will have a big effect on your life. However, whereas many people will tell you that you should only choose jobs you love, I beg to differ. Instead, figure out what things you love and then find work that supports those loves. Sometimes making money is the key to being able to travel, hire a housecleaner, buy a bigger house, retire early, pay off student loans — or do other things that will make you feel freer, happier or more successful.

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