Becoming a management consultant

Becoming a management consultant is just one of many types of consulting opportunities.

Management consultants help organizations improve their performance. Management consultants are often hired on a per-project basis to identify problems and propose solutions. Corporations and governments seek the advice of an external management consultant because an objective outside opinion is often preferred.

It is possible to become a certified management consultant (CMC). Certifications are based on standards set by the International Council of Management Consultant Institutes (ICMCI).

Becoming a management consultant may be an appropriate career choice for you if you are aware of industry best practices and have experience in managerial roles.

However, there are many types of business consultants, and becoming a management consultant is just one of the many options. If you’re not sure whether management consulting is the business consulting niche for you, consider taking the course, Discover Your Inner Consultant.

The steps involved in becoming a management consultant are similar to the steps involved in starting most business consultancies. For help starting a management consulting business, check out this series on how to become a consultant.

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