Consulting business ideas

Be on time

If you’re meeting with clients, be on time. Clients like to work with consultants who respect them. A consultant who isn’t mindful of the client’s time may not be respectful of the client’s needs or budget. Even if you have great skills and knowledge, running late for an appointment makes you look bad. Years ago,

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Become a fitness consultant

Become a fitness consultant — want to make your career in the fitness world? Become a fitness consultant and apply your skills to research, developing, planning and implementing programs and policies for fitness, recreation and sports. As a fitness consultant, you can work for government, industry, fitness facilities, retirement homes, community centers, sports firms or

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Become a consultant | Ideas for consultants

For the past while, I’ve been writing a job series called “Become a Consultant”. Each time, I provide an idea for a kind of consultant you could become. I’ll continue to update this series on a regular basis. However, I wanted to invite you — my readers — to provide ideas for kinds of consultants you’d like to become. Remember, becoming a consultant is a great way to start working from home. If you want a second job where you’re in control, consider this exciting career path. If you’re really stumped for ideas, consider downloading my Discover Your Inner Consultant guide.

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