Consulting as retirement income | Retirement

While surfing, I bumped into My Retirement Project (dead link), the website of a 30-year-old consultant named Corey. Although his retirement is still 35 years away, Corey has his eyes on the prize. He wants to accumulate $1 million, so that he can retire — and he’s doing it through consulting and various other service offerings.

A graphic on the left side of his website shows his progress. It looks like he’s just starting out — but, with a plan in place, he’s certain to make in-roads.

What’s interesting about his site is that he’s very clear that his consulting income will go toward his retirement goals. Not many people are so upfront. I’ve previously mentioned that consulting makes a great retirement job and that there are lots of reasons to become a consultant. This is the first time, though, that I’ve seen someone publicly declare that consulting makes up their retirement strategy.

I wish Corey success with his goals and consulting.

Update: the domain is now for sale. Interesting.