Content Rich – a review

Looking for ways to increase your earnings? Leverage your writing skills. A few months ago, Jon Wuebben sent me a copy of Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web. Since I started out as a freelance writer, I was curious to see what Jon had to say about writing.

Content Rich is worth a read. If you want to know about search engine optimization, social media, traffic generation tools, ad development, marketing and copywriting, this is the book to get.

To be honest, I didn’t learn much from this book. I’ve been working in the field for years. But most of you are new to these ideas and you’re the target market for the book. Jon does a fabulous job of pulling together all the concepts and laying them all out in plain language.

(And, hey, if you think you’ll have any Amazon gift certificates left from the holidays, this book is worthy!)