Cost-obsessed clients

Clients who want free work make up just one piece of the fee negotiation dance. FreelanceSwitch* notes that cost-obsessed clients can also make you do the Twist — and that it’s important to educate the client.

Cost-obsessed clients are often new to hiring consultants — but not always. Sometimes, you run into a small business owner who feels their budget can’t afford much. When I first started out, I’d bend over backwards to win their business, simply because I didn’t have many clients. However, I soon learned that these clients are rarely worth the headache. If a prospective client and I can’t find a fit early on, I refer them elsewhere. I do take time to educate prospective clients, but only to a point. Someone who can’t catch on to the value of my services in a phone call or through a couple of emails probably needs way more hand-holding than I’d like to offer. And I prefer to get paid consulting fees for my time.

That being said, do offer to provide extra help for these clients — for a fee. I once got paid for a half-day to meet with a prospective client who didn’t understand direct marketing. At the end of the meeting, they asked me to send a proposal. Since then, I’ve made thousands of dollars from them — and we have a great relationship. So be sure to look at ways to manage client behaviour — you may strike upon a profitable relationship!

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