Desk jobs and joint aches, pains and health

If you work at your desk all day, you may not always sit in the best position. And that can leave your joints feeling sore. I recently wrote about joint health for BC Living Magazine and thought I’d share the article: Boning up on joint health.

Over the years, I’ve had problems with joint pains and joint health. I was in a car accident that gave me whiplash and thus knee pain, back pain, hip pain, nech pain, arm pain — you name it! Because I’m unable to take ibuprofen and I found myself pregnant or nursing during much of that time, I had to turn to natural treatments and natural joint pain solutions. For me, hot baths, physiotherapy, ice and heat, exercise, muscle training, Tylenol, mindfulness and other natural approaches were really my only options. I also chose a more ergonomic chair and made sure that I held my neck and body in good positions.

Do you have joint pain?