Do you want to consult long-term?

Is consulting a long- or short-term goal for you? We often hear about business failures, but the truth is that many businesses close up shop because the owners have moved on to other goals. For example, some people take up consulting:

  • to pay the bills between full-time jobs
  • to spend a year pursuing their own interests
  • to stay home with children
  • to have more flexibility in caring for elderly or ill family members
  • to rebound from a career setback
  • to supplement retirement income
  • to pay down debt
  • to save up for a trip or something similar
  • because several opportunities to make money came up and they don’t want to turn down money
  • to pursue career interests
  • to bolster their resume
  • to make contacts with firms that would be desirable employers

Even though I’ve been a consultant for several years, I recognize that many people want to consult for the short-term. How about you?