Friday 5: making more money

Via Flying Solo, I found a list of ways to set business goals. I loved their example list for making more money:

  • Charge a lot more;
  • Speak for money;
  • Create a high-end product to sell (or multiple products);
  • Work with different clients who expect you to charge a lot more;
  • Sell someone else’s related product for a commission;
  • Go totally online and remove your overheads.

As a consultant, I’ve pursued several of those ideas — while my revenues have soared. I raised my fees. I started teaching. I came up with products. I went after higher end clients. I started reselling other people’s services. And I moved many of my marketing efforts online, cutting my advertising costs. Last month, I billed more than I’ve billed in years — and I just had a baby in the fall. Yeah, baby!