Friday 5: new top 5 series

Welcome to the Friday 5. I’ve decided to introduce a weekly top 5 list, as a way of lightening up Consultant Journal and introducing readers to other blogs. For the next few weeks, I’ll be running a Friday 5 — a top 5 list that I’ve discovered. I invite readers to submit their own top 5 lists or to share their own thoughts in the comments (as always).

Let’s kick off the Friday 5 with the top 5 mistakes in selling to small business owners, via Small Business Trends. If you’re practicing your basic selling skills, pay attention to this tip:

Recognize that when you’re selling to small business, you’re on a series of dates with an owner. And since it’s so personal — because it’s their money, it’s their company, and it’s their problems….

Aint that the truth. Owners of the newest, smallest businesses fret over every cent they spend. Some of them worry so much that they’ll nickel and dime you. I once had a guy ask if he could hire me in 15-minute increments. Um, no. It takes me that long to send out the quote and invoice for the work.