Friday 5: top 5 biz travel nightmares

Time for the Friday 5. American Chronicle shares the top 5 business travel nightmares. Number 3 was good for a chuckle:

You are receiving the cold shoulder because you used the 6 words that every ticket or gate agent despises. “Do you know who I am” are the six most lethal words any passenger can use.

One of my friends has a second job as a call center agent for an airline. Her regular job involves work in the medical industry. She recently had a call from an irate customer — who tried to power trip by emphasizing their role as a doctor. My friend tried not to laugh, since she actually sometimes works with the doctor in her usual job. That same doctor would never try power tripping my friend in the medical field, which goes to show you that some people break the world into "small people" and "big people". Unfortunately for the doctor, my friend will now always see her as one of those "small people", albeit with a different interpretation.