Friday 5: top 5 life traumas

In this week’s Friday 5, Gia Combs-Ramirez shares the top 5 life traumas that turned into life lessons for her. Number 5 was the time she started a business that failed. However, she shares the lesson of this trauma:

Lesson: What I thought was the big dream was only the doorway to an even bigger one.

She’s since started a business that has turned into an even more powerful venture. She learned from her mistake and turned it into something bigger.

That’s why my Discover Your Inner Consultant workbook contains exercises to help you review past mistakes, life lessons and tribulations. Sometimes, the very things you thought were signals to steer clear of an issue turn out to be the very reason you should start a business. If you use all the riches of your life experience to guide you, you may uncover new business ideas that turn into personal and financial rewards.