Friday 5: top 5 reasons to own a home biz

In this week’s Friday 5, Danielle Chonody shares her list of the top 5 reasons everyone should own a home business. Well, perhaps "everyone" is a bit ambitious, but she does make a compelling case. She writes:

When you are working for a corporation or even a small company your compensation is generally determined by industry standard. With your own business your income is determined by the amount of time and effort you put into the business, and your self development. A home business gives you the ability to dream big as no one puts restrictions on the growth of your business and your income but you.

Hear, hear.  Your home business is limited only by your own ambitions and talents. Sure, you can earn a six-figure income in a regular job, but it’s pretty hard to earn millions at a job, unless you tap into some stock options. With a business, you can create a system for generating money — and it won’t be limited by the hours you work.