Get rich quick | quick, get rich!

Get rich quick — can you do that as a consultant? Marnie from Lethbridge, Alberta wants to know if consulting is a get rich quick business. I suppose it depends on how you define get rich quick.

There are tons of work from home scams out there that promise to bring you thousands of dollars for next to no effort. Consulting isn’t like that. It takes effort to make money as a consultant. And you probably won’t earn $10,000 in your first month.

However, consulting can really pay off. For starters, it’s a great side job that can complement the work you do elsewhere. It’s an additional income stream if you’re retired, putting kids through college, staying home with kids, paying down debt or trying to save for a trip. It’s flexible — something you can do when you want, where you want.

As a full-time business, consulting may take some time to build up to a six-figure income. But it is absolutely possible if you put in the effort and have the right background and business model. Since going full-time as a consultant, I haven’t looked back — and I’m really pleased with how I’m doing. And, beyond my monetary success, I’m thrilled with the overall richness of my life. If I didn’t believe that consulting was the best place to focus my efforts, I’d be doing something else.

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