Hallowe'en for the work from home worker

Hallowe’en for the work from home worker

Happy Hallowe’en! Ah, Hallowe’en in the work place. On a day like today, many corporate offices shed their uptight images and allow employees to dress up and party. When I worked for one software company about 10 years ago, I put on a pirate hat and hook and grabbed a sword and cape. Under the cape, I had taped several floppy disks. I was a software pirate, of course. That went over well with my fellow software workers.

But what do you do when you work from home? Well, I don’t dress up on my own and I don’t go to an office Hallowe’en party on Hallowe’en. Over the years, I have managed to crash other companies’ office parties, though. But no plans for that this year. I’ll leave the dressing up to my son. Of course, because of the flexibility of working from home, I can spend all day — all week if I want — celebrating Hallowe’en with him. And that’s better than any office party.

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