Hourly rate calculator

Wondering how much you earn per hour or what to use as a base rate comparison for a consulting or freelance fee? Start here.

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For the value of your benefits, include either how much you receive from your benefits package or how much it would cost you to replace that benefits package.

This consulting fees calculator helps you work out how much you make per hour. It is based on a 52-week year. But you now you need to apply that base rate to a model to figure out a rough hourly rate that you then use in a model for calculating a consulting rate.

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You may also be interested in using the results of the Consulting Fees Hourly Rate Calculator as a basis for establishing what to charge for your services as a consultant, freelancer or entrepreneur. One approach is to simply double or triple these results. However, it’s important to look at all the costs involved in running your business, so that you’re in a position to turn a profit. And, more importantly, you may want to make the switch to Solution-Based Fee &trade pricing so that you’re not caught in the trap of hourly rates. Check out Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants for more information on working out fees for consulting, freelancing, contracting and providing professional services.


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