How to close a deal

Closing a deal is critical to success in sales and business. If you are not closing deals then you will not be generating revenue! So take a little time to learn the basic sales skill of closing a deal.

First, make sure the person who is being pitched clearly understands your service. If the client is not sure about what he or she is buying they probably will not purchase. This is why you need to paint a clear picture of the service. Asking the buyer if there are any questions or concerns can eliminate this problem. Of course, clearly and concisely answering the buyer’s questions helps, too.

Stress the value of the product. Explain the benefits the service provides. If the customer feels that the product meets their specific needs then they will be more inclined to purchase. After all, if the product is not fulfilling a need ,what value is it?

Be enthusiastic and positive. If you are not enthusiastic, the client certainly won’t be either! Getting a client enthused is a surefire way of closing a deal.

Also, you need to weed out people who do not have an actual interest in purchasing. Some people will go through the sales cycle, but never make a purchase. But you can identify these potential clients. Ask for an alternate phone number or an email in case you need to get a hold of them. If they "hem and haw", move on.

Of course, that’s not all you need to do to close a sale. But the above tips should help you get started.

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