I hate Fridays

I started out by saying I hate Mondays, so I’ll finish by saying I hate Fridays. It’s not so much that I hate Fridays as I hate trying to find blog content for Fridays. I’m usually so wrapped up in my work that it’s hard to come up with a post.

So…I’ll use today to answer a question I recently received in my inbox: "What was your first job?"

That’s a tough question. Was my first job helping my mom and grandma clean the local community hall? Was it when I started babysitting? I’ll assume that "first job" means my first ongoing commitment to an employer.

When I was 14, I got a job in the concession at a curling rink. I worked there till the end of the curling season. I generally took orders, ran the cash register, washed dishes and cleaned tables. Sometimes, I got to make simple orders: burgers, hot dogs, fries and sandwiches. I saved most of the money and used it to go to university. Working at the concession stand did a lot to improve my math skills — our cash register was too basic to actually add up multiple items. I had to do a lot of math in my head. Two of my co-workers were pretty bad at math, so I often added up their orders when taking down my own. Perhaps that’s why I have such a strong appreciation for finances today!