Joys of going solo

Ah, the sweet joys of going solo. Breaking free from the corporate world and becoming a consultant is a dream for many. I’ve previously extolled the reasons to become a consultant. Now, content consultant Meryl K. Evans chimes in with a post on the pros and cons of freelancing. She emphasizes a valuable point:

“My best recommendation is to get involved in freelancing while you’ve still got the comfort of your full-time job. "

I agree whole-heartedly. Unless you really hate your current job, you’re retired, unemployed or you’ve got deep pockets, try consulting as a side job. It takes some time to build up a client base and work out the wrinkles in your business plan. If you’ve got the security of a steady income, you may find it a bit easier to get going. Some consultants even like to pick up a side job once they start consulting full-time, just to provide some security. Consulting can be a wonderful, financially rewarding career, but it sometimes helps to have a little money to ease any worries.