Kid health insurance plans

Kid health insurance plans – if you’ve got kids, you may wonder about what sort of health insurance plan you should be looking at. If you’re in the process of evaluating plans that provide health coverage for your children, consider the following:

  • Does your own plan (as a parent) cover your kids?
  • Can your kids use COBRA (in the US) to extend your plan when they turn 18 or graduate college?
  • Can you buy a short term plan to cover, for example, time when your kids are unemployed or in college?
  • Do your children qualify for State Children’s Health Insurance Program (US) or Medicaid?
  • Does your government provide health insurance?

Take a look at all factors in the plan, not just the monthly or annual fee. What’s the copay? Is there a deductible? Does the plan cover everything you need? Is it indemnity, managed care or consumer health driven?

What have you learned as you’ve looked at health insurance plans for children?

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