Men want more time with family

Men want more family time, according to an article on working parents in the Guardian. A survey quoted in the article suggests 70 percent of men want a 50/50 partnership.

I’ve previously noted that consulting can bring work-life balance. During the course of my consulting career, I’ve run into many parents who got into freelancing or consulting so they could spend more time with family. These parents range from a freelance writer who earns about $6,000 a year by working four hours a week to a medical services consultant who makes around $120k a year by working three days a week.

I got into consulting long before I started my family. But it was always on my radar. So, when I had my son, I figured out how to work my consulting time around his schedule. He has my full attention, when he isn’t sleeping. So far, I haven’t needed to use outside childcare. However, my husband has a flexible work schedule that allows him to time shift, so that he can cover me when I’m at business meetings, making important phone calls or otherwise busy at work. He has to make up the time later, but we figure it’s worth it. And we won’t be in this situation forever. But, for the time being, it allows us to achieve work-life balance. My husband and I both have time with our son and time for our careers. (Of course, my husband has all but done away with the consulting he used to do outside of work!)

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