More on staying true to the cause

In Stay true to the cause, I talked about meeting the goals you set when you started your business. In the past few years, I’ve found a great way to stay true to my goals. I outsource — to other consultants.

Yep. I focus on what I do best and try to hire other people when time or experience prevent me from "doing it all". I’ve learned that, if I can hire others to help me meet my goals, I’m still going to meet my goals.

To hire other people, I’ve had to loosen up a bit. I used to think that no one else could possibly deliver the same work that I can. Well, I was right about that. No one else has the same overall standards, experience and skills. But I don’t need to hire people who are just like me. I just need to hire people to do parts of what I can do. I can still add value to the work they do, all while reducing my overall workload and increasing my productivity.

So, here’s today’s question: what work could you outsource?