More ways to find new clients

As much as you enjoy the business of your regular clients you still need to pick up new clients in order for your business to grow and remain stable. But, acquiring new customers can sometimes prove difficult. This is why a few deliberate steps need to be taken in order to boost new clientele.

  1. Use freebies and giveaways to stimulate interest. Offering free samples of reports or articles (even via the mail) can provide customers with a taste of what you offer. This can lead to picking up new customers who may have otherwise passed on your services.
  2. Use business cards. Never underestimate the value of leaving tried and true business cards anywhere you can, including shops, malls, stores, etc. Sooner or later, someone who is looking for exactly what you are offering will come across your card.
  3. Research the market. Figure out what the current marketplace is interested in or else you will never pick up new customers. Always stay up to date on market trends so you can promote your business from a position of power.
  4. Use innovative internet marketing. A website is great but a website with multimedia components such as podcasts, PowerPoint presentations and videocasts can really be an eye catcher. So, make your site high tech in order to appeal to more people.
  5. Set up a display at a trade show. Yes, this may seem like a huge and expensive undertaking but it has its benefits. You can meet a significant number of new potential customers, look more credible to people in the industry, and keep an ear to the ground for inside info about your industry. Besides, some tradeshows can be affordable — shop around for small fairs and exhibitions.

New clients will help your business grow, so do your best to find, attract and hook them!