Really — mail those holiday cards

Okay, I know I said it before, but get those holiday cards in the mail! If you’ve been holiding out because you’re too busy, you may want to start thinking about holiday ecards. They may not be quite as endearing as traditional holiday cards, but they can at least be delivered in a reasonable amount of time.

Mailing out holiday cards takes me a considerable amount of time each year. I’ve got to select cards, inscribe and sign them, put them in envelopes, print out address labels, apply the labels and trot the cards off to the Post Office. It’s like doing any other direct mail campaign! And I know there are services that will take my mailing list and do all the above for me. But those cards won’t contain my personal messages and real signature. It’s just a once a year thing and I can find the time. Besides, I find consulting tends to slow down in December. Most clients don’t want to start up a new campaign just before the New Year.