Social Responsibility Coaching Spaces

Sometimes, even for the most successful entrepreneurs, life comes up out of nowhere and gives you a hard dose of reality. It can be hard to pick up yourself, your family and your business.

Most supports for people in crisis look at counseling or mental health. And, often, the supports available to entrepreneurs involve large-scale projects, like business continuity planning, crisis communications or revamping a business plan. Sometimes, you just need a guide to help you out of the crisis.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, our founder, Andréa Coutu, has decided to open up 1-2 coaching spaces for entrepreneurs on a sliding scale basis.

Aimed at helping people who already have other crisis supports, such as counseling, in place, these sessions are meant to bring Andréa alongside you, while you get your business back on track. This is business coaching, not counseling. But Andréa has complemented her years of experience as a business consultant and educator with further training in psychological first aid, trauma-informed practice, collaborative problem solving, inclusive practice and indigenous cultural safety. She also draws from extensive lived experience and lay advocacy experience with navigating complex health, education, legal and social services systems.

So, if you’re facing tough times or historic or current barriers, we welcome your application. Space is limited. If you think this may be a fit for you, apply at There are limited spaces available at $125 for 45-minutes per session for up to five sessions ($625).

If you’re not sure whether you’re a fit, take a look at the form and apply anyway. I won’t judge you by the size of your crisis.