Top 5 ways to thank your partners

In running a business, I run into numerous situations where I owe a thank you to someone. More often than not, that person is a vendor  — such as a graphic designer, printer, paper supplier, accountant, coach, advertising rep or web developer. The reasons to thank them can range from receiving a referral to a cost-saving tip.

Top 5 ways to thank your vendors

  1. Send a real thank you card. In this electronic age, a handwritten card will make your thanks stand out.
  2. Refer them. Connect your vendors to others with similar interests or needs. A great benefit is that you build a community. I’m happy to know that my graphic designer, printer, subcontractors, and even my clients can pull together on various ventures.
  3. Send a gift certificate. One of my business partners recently sent me a gift card to her favourite restaurant, because I’d referred several projects to her. I was thrilled by her thoughtfulness.
  4. Promote them. Mention your vendors on your website, blog or in your newsletter. As a bonus, your clients may see you as well-connected and in the know.
  5. Email their boss (if they have one). Managers love to hear that their people are doing well. A thank you sent to the boss can have positive effects on your vendor’s career.

How do you thank your vendors?