What lured you to consulting and freelancing?

I first fell in love with the idea of freelancing when I was 18. My college journalism prof told me that she’d arranged her work schedule so that she could spend all day on Fridays doing freelance work. In fact, she’d arranged the rest of her workflow so that she didn’t have to be at a job for 40 hours a week. This sounded like a great life to me.

One of my friends, a financial planner, found that he just didn’t like working for someone else. So he started his business with the intent of never taking orders again. Sure, his clients give him direction, but he can gently nudge them away, if they really get on his nerves.

Another friend, a fitness consultant, gave up a stable job in teaching because she wanted more time for her own interests. She wanted to work with women and children and still have time for her own family.

What are your reasons for consulting and freelancing?