Why I didn’t do a PhD: consulting rocks

Throughout my 20s, I thought about doing a PhD. A three or four trusted mentors encouraged me to go after a PhD, because I love research, discovery, writing, publishing and teaching. I thought about it really seriously, but, in the end, I changed my mind.

Why? I realized I could achieve all those goals through my consulting business. As a consultant, I have:
  • Mentored students, new workers, contractors and new consultants
  • Coached entrepreneurs and executives
  • Published three ebooks
  • Written more than 1,300 articles – for magazines, books, websites and blogs
  • Researched everything from Shakespeare to hubs and routers and from dental implants to banking software
  • Had my work featured in a textbook
  • Developed a course to help people start and run consulting businesses
  • Taught at the university level, including for the University of British Columbia
  • Been invited to speak at association
  • Been hired to speak professionally
  • Developed a consulting methodology based on my independent research
  • Earned a very competitive living
In the next few years, as time allows, I expect to expand my business, publish a book in print, and do more speaking.
I can’t think of a reason to do a PhD. I mean, I could become a prof, but I no longer see a need to do so.
Have you ever thought about academia?