Your client may be right

Have you ever got into a situation where you’re convinced your client has to listen to you? 

Where you know you’re the expert? Where your experience, your years in the trench, your training, your education and your methodology — and maybe even your gut — tell you what the client needs in this situation?

Stop for a moment.

Think of your client. It’s your client’s business. Your client’s market. Your client’s experience. Your client’s history, training, education and methodology telling them to disagree with you.

And maybe your client is right.

In fact, your client is right. They know their business better than anyone else.

So reposition. Reframe. Find out the sticking points. What’s holding your client back from accepting your opinion, your expertise?

Look for a way to bridge the differences. Let your client own this solution. Because, if they don’t believe in you, they’re never going to trust that your solution is right. And it will just be sitting on a shelf.

In the end, it’s not about being right. It’s about building a bridge to help the client cross over to a world where they don’t feel the pain of their current challenges. So be part of the solution.