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Side Jobs - Ideas for Second Jobs, Side Gigs & Part-time Businesses

Side Jobs: Second Jobs, Side Gigs & Part-time Businesses

Want to jumpstart your career, gain control over your finances and
put joy back in your life? Join the millions of people – just like you –
who are starting up side jobs, freelance work, consulting and part-time businesses.

With this hands-on, practical manual, you can find out the rewards of side jobs,
including where the jobs are and what kind of work would best fit with your
unique skills, experience and life circumstances.

Side Jobs: Second Jobs, Side Gigs & Part-time Businesses

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With Side Jobs, you’ll get ready-to-roll information on how to:

Jumpstart your career

There’s a reason the people most likely to have side jobs comes from the professions,
health care and other respected fields. These people know what it takes to get ahead
and they’re using side jobs to do it. Through side jobs, you can gain access to
free training, focused work experience and career contacts. Why struggle with
limited options at your existing job when you can use side jobs to leapfrog ahead?
Get a side job and take control of your career.

Get ahead financially

About 4 in 10 people with side jobs do it to get ahead financially.
And in today’s uncertain economy, where job security is a thing of the past,
a side job offers a way to hedge your bets – while socking away extra money.
Pay down debt, save for your kids’ education, top up retirement savings,
build an emergency fund, pay for a car or dream trip in cash – a side job
can be your ticket to a more financially secure life.

Put the joy back in your life

Do something fun and rewarding! Many people take on side jobs just for the
enjoyment. Pursue a hobby, indulge your interests, get out and socialize,
give back to the community and tap into unique life experience with a side job.

Ready to take control of your life, your finances and your career?
Get Side Jobs and start making real changes. You’ll get practical information on:

  • why people take on side jobs and second jobs
  • how someone like you can gain from a side job
  • how to figure out what side jobs would be best for you
  • how to evaluate those jobs
  • where to look for side jobs
  • 150 ideas for side jobs, gigs, second jobs and part-time businesses
  • tips for managing a second job when you already have a job
  • answers to your questions about the legal, ethical and practical considerations of having a second job
  • …along with ideas for exit strategies for your main and side jobs!




You’ll get Side Jobs instantly, with a PDF you can use right now, using your browser
and Acrobat Reader. Get your copy right away – no waiting, no trips to the bookstore.

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Practical advice. Hands-on tools. All yours in one great book. 

No wishy-washy talk about jobs that would never work for you. Just a hands-on guide
chock full of ideas and tools to help you realize your dreams.

Warm regards,

Andréa Coutu

PS: With the book, you’ll also receive a personal financial template for Excel, PDF and XML, so that you can start getting control of your finances and truly understand the power that a second job could bring to you. You’ll also receive a discount code for other books here at Consultant Journal. It’s my special thanks to you. Order now.

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