Small business training

Small business training – access hundreds of free resources for small business training through Consultant Journal’s articles and materials. Whether you’re looking to start as a consultant, solopreneur, small business or entrepreneur, our free training for small businesses can help.

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We also offer several books and a course.

Custom Small Business Training

If you’re looking for more specialized training resources, we can also help with:

  • workshops
  • training
  • breakout sessions
  • keynote speeches
  • panel discussions
  • coaching
  • consulting
  • project management and implementation

Led by long-time business and marketing consultant Andrea Coutu, MBA, of Trustmode Marketing, Consultant Journal connects organizations and small businesses with small business training resources. Andrea started her career working in a university’s career centre and later went on to develop materials for a university co-op program, several self employment programs, career and self-employment magazines, a well-known HR firm, a national job search site and other organizations. She has worked with clients that include entrepreneurs, executives, First Nations students, government employees, trauma survivors, youth, parents and people who live on the street – and develops materials and resources for a wide range of audiences. Andrea has also been a business advisor for a YMCA self employment program and a post-secondary instructor, including for the University of British Columbia. For more information on Andrea Coutu and Consultant Journal, see About Us.

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