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Consultant Journal regularly considers guest articles for publication. A few benefits of writing for Consultant Journal:

  • Build your expert status by reaching more than 46,000 visitors each month
  • Build backlinks to your site
  • Showcase your knowledge on your own website by pointing to guest articles you wrote at Consultant Journal
  • Partner with Consultant Journal to bring your knowledge to a wider audience

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Guest posts should be at least 300 words and non-promotional in nature – we usually look for content that helps to inform or entertain our core audience of professionals. All articles must be original, never before posted content. At the end of the article, you’re welcome to include one or two links to your own site. We may reject articles for any reason – when we do, it’s usually because we do not promote irrelevant content, especially if it links to a site of a controversial nature. We reserve the right to edit articles and insert links. You retain your copyright and attribution rights, but must grant us 12 months of exclusive use of your article and perpetual use thereafter. (But if you change your mind, let us know. We’re not unreasonable people.) We ask for exclusive use for 12 months because we maintain the quality of this website by delivering original content and people don’t want to come here to read articles that are already all over the web. If you can live with those terms, contact us using the form below to get details on our guest posting requirements. We’re really nice. Honest.

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