5 ways to promote your business online

It is safe to say that the Internet provides a valuable resource for promoting a business. Thanks to the World Wide Web, even a small localized business can reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers. Of course, this will require taking certain steps to drive traffic to your site. Here are five ways to do just that:

  1. Search Engine Optimization. If your website is not prominently placed in the top 30 listings of the major search engines then your business will be at a significant traffic disadvantage. This is why link building strategies, such as submitting links to web directories, are highly recommended.
  2. Promotional Blogging. There are over 70 million regular blog readers worldwide so why not tap into that market through promotional blogging? Publishing a few interesting blog entries per week about topics related to your business will raise awareness of your company as people surfing the net discover the blog entries about it.
  3. Social Networking. Social networking sites like Myspace or Facebook provide a completely free format to promote your business to millions of members. Using these social networking services for promotional ventures is growing in popularity and for good reason…it works!
  4. Direct Email Campaigns. This is a tried and true method of Internet marketing. Sending promotional "broadcast" emails to interested parties can help inform  your contacts about sales, deals and new products and services.
  5. Article Directories.  Writing short articles on a subject related to your business and submitting them to popular article directories works especially well if the articles include links to your site. Remember, the articles are indexed in search engines and promoted in RSS feeds, providing your website with greater exposure.

All five of these methods are quite simple and effective ideas. If you put these ideas into play, you’ll likely see an increase in incoming leads. It works for me.