Are you ready to talk numbers?

Are you ready to talk numbers?

When you walk into a meeting with a client, are you ready to talk numbers? Whether a client wants to know your hourly rate or your quote for an entire project, you need to have a handle on your numbers before you meet.

That’s not to say that you need a firm estimate for a project. You should never give a firm quote without having time to think a project through. However, you need to understand that a client will want to have an idea of a project’s cost. You’ve got to have a plan for handling questions — and objections — about your fees.

When a prospective client asks me about my fees, I tell them my hourly rate, but add that my rate isn’t nearly as important as the project total and the value they’re receiving. If I can do the work three times as fast as someone charging half what I do, I’m actually the better value. It’s also important to get my clients to talk about the value they’ll receive from the project, so that they have more of a focus on what they stand to gain than what they stand to spend.

I talk about handling client objections to price in my Consulting Fees Guide. What steps do you currently take to prepare to talk price in client meetings?

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