Consulting Fees – a Guide for Consultants

I’m pleased to announce the launch of "Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants". I wrote this informational guide in response to the demand from visitors who want more information on figuring out their consulting fees and making more money. It goes into far more detail than my post on setting consulting fee rates, giving you insights into dealing with difficult clients and making more money without raising your fees.

Why get the Consulting Fees guide, instead of just reading what you’ll find on this website? Well, the guide is more than 60 pages long and includes sections on understanding your unique position, profiling your target clients, handling requests to work for free, negotiating fees, and making money from your consulting business. It represents months of research and years of experience on my part. I hope it will help you make more money and get more enjoyment from your home business.

"Consulting Fees – a Guide for Independent Consultants" from Become a Consultant at