Craigslist consulting idea

Craigslist consulting is the coolest consulting idea I’ve heard this week. (Expired link) Craigslist is an online community that’s well-known for free ads, including job ads. Many of the consultants I know have found work through Craigslist. As the site becomes better known and expands to more geographic areas, it seems natural for a Craigslist consulting service to pop up and help newcomers understand how to use the service. People can always use help in finding jobs.

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Marty says:

I’m also looking for someone to manage my craigslist account. If you hear of anything good, Doug, please send me an email, and of course I will do the same for you. Thanks, Marty

Doug says:

I’ve had my Craigslist ad flagged and I don’t understnd why. I’d be willing to hire a consultant to identify the reason and construct ads that meet the Craigslist criteria. Anyone interested?