Become a computer consultant to fight anxiety

Become a computer consultant and escape the stress of your job. A survey by Skillsoft reveals 97% of IT workers feel traumatized by their jobs and four in five get tense when they even think about going to the office. Yikes. Sounds like a recipe for depression, anxiety, anger and more — and a good reason to become a computer consultant.  As I well know, becoming a consultant can change your life. (I mentioned why in  my post on “Why become a consultant?”)

Seriously — if a job is wearing you down that much, it’s time to change something. If you don’t see yourself as a consultant, maybe you can at least change companies or move within your company. If you’re no longer in love with what you do, maybe it’s time to take a night school course or seek out a career consultant. If you’re angry, depressed or lacking motivation, it’s time to shift gears. I won’t promise you that my decision to become a consultant is the answer for everyone — it’s not. But finding yourself in a constant state of anxiety or depression is no way to live. You deserve better. And you can have a better life. Why not see if becoming a consultant is the answer for you?

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  1. I don’t get why computer or IT workers would be more likely to be stresed out. I guess it can be a profession fraught with misunderstandings if you have people who are separated by distance, monitors and communication skills. But really you would think some Prozac for the Nation would solve everything and it wouldn’t be any worse than for writers or Arts majors.!

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