Green with envy?

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, which has me thinking about all things green. And, speaking of green, are you someone who falls prey to consulting envy?

If you’re self-employed (or even just thinking about it), it’s easy to think everyone else is doing better than you are. I know I’ve fallen into this trap. I frequently compare my business to that of a friend. But my friend doesn’t even work in consulting! She doesn’t have a business model remotely similar to mine. Yet I often find myself comparing my own business to how well I perceive hers to be doing.

Guess what, though? I recently discovered that I make more money than my friend does. And I found out that her business costs are much higher than mine. See what a waste my envy was?

If you’re lying awake at night, thinking you’re not up to snuff because you assume others are earning far more, try a new strategy. Look at what others are doing and figure out a way to learn from them. Because of my friend, I’ve branched into new business areas. I’ve come up with a modified business model that allows me to generate recurring revenue, for example. So, while envy on its own isn’t a good idea, learning from others’ success can help you grow.