Your sphere of influence

As consultants we can often get caught up with finding the next contract, but are we looking in the right place? Although important to garner new clients, sometimes we let our past clients wither away. It’s easy to do as we get caught up with one contract after another. It’s unfortunate though because our past clients can offer up referrals or simply have more work for us, this is known as our “sphere of influence”.

For example, real estate agents are consultants that specifically market themselves to their sphere of influence. They know that success in their industry is built on a foundation of past clients that will either use their services again or pass on referrals. My realtor sends me a calendar each year to remind me she is still in business.

The key word here is “influence”. You have the opportunity to influence your clients, so think of innovative ways to ensure you are the consultant they think of first when they need one.

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