Finding new clients – part 1

Finding new clients can seem a bit daunting. Whether you’re starting your first consulting business or already an established player, there’s a need to drum up new business. I’ve previously discussed likely clients for consultants and consultant jobs, as well as cold calling. However, there are many other ways to find new clients. I’ll be covering these as part of a weekly series on finding new clients. Here’s this week’s tip.

Attend networking events held by professional associations, alumni groups, chambers of commerce or other bodies. Make a plan to talk to at least five new people and get your business card into the hands of at least two people. For best results, attend at least some networking events that involve people who aren’t your competitors. If you’re in sales consulting, don’t spend all your time talking to sales consultants. Likewise, if you’re a wedding consultant, get out and talk to vendors and potential partners, not competitors. In any market, competitors may sometimes send their overflow to you, but you’re better off meeting people who are likely to need your business, not compete for it.

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